California 8-Hour Long Term Care Training

California 8-Hour Long Term Care Training

The term long-term care brings to the mind of many people images of elderly sick people taken from productive society and warehoused in nursing homes as they wait to die. While some long-term care is likely to involve such institutionalization, long-term care is much broader than this unpleasant picture. California 8-Hour Long Term Care Training provides a far more complete picture of long-term care and will consider—among other important issues—the settings in which it is provided, its costs and who pays them, as well as the likelihood that any individual will need long-term care.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the various types of long term care and the settings in which they may be delivered;
  • Discuss the risk of requiring long term care services;
  • Describe the average costs involved in obtaining long term care in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in the care recipient’s home;
  • Identify the principal long term care cost payers;
  • Discuss the impact of federal legislation on long term care;
  • Identify the California statutory policy provisions, requirements and terminology;
  • Describe the criteria that must be met before benefits are payable under Medicare and Medicaid for long term care services;
  • Explain the benefits and requirements of the California partnership for long term care;
  • Discuss the income tax treatment of tax-qualified long term care policy premiums and benefits; and
  • Perform an appropriate long term care insurance suitability analysis.

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